Sell A Store Credit Based Product

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Selling credit based products is as simple as selling any product on WooCommerce. 

You can sell Single, Variable and even Subscriptions (with the use of the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin).

Below is a three step quick guide for selling your credit based products. 

Step 1
Select the product type. In This example we will use the Simple Product.

Step 2 
Enter the price for your product.

Step 3
Select ‘Credit Purchase’ and enter a credit value. This is the amount of credit the customer will pay and will be deducted from their credit balance.

When your settings are entered you can hit update and your product is now ready to let your customer purchase it with their credit balance. 

Note that customers who are logged in and have a credit balance are displayed the credit price. 

Customers who are not logged in are displayed the currency price. 

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Sell A Store Credit Based Product

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