Credit Store Payment Gateway

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A credit store payment gateway is available with FastCredit Pro. This gives you a credit based store a complete and versatile WooCommerce payment gateway just for credit based purchases. This allows your customers to checkout with their credit balance.

When activated it will automatically disable any currency based purchases if your customers add a credit based product to their cart.

This means only one type of product can be checked out at any time and stops your customers mixing up their credit and currency based purchases.

The gateway offers further settings to set a credit top up destination. If your customer does not have enough credit to place their order a link or button will be displayed which directs them to a dedicated credit purchase page.

You can also set the plugin to become a credit only store and all currency based values of the credit products will be replaced with the credit value.

Overall these options give you a streamlined and professional looking credit store which is clear and direct for your users to purchase products with their credit balance.

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Credit Store Payment Gateway

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