Display and Edit Credit Balances

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Fast WooCredit Pro gives you flexibility when it comes to displaying your customers credit balance.

Provided your customer is logged in and has credit then their credit balance will always be displayed on the ‘My Account’ page.

However you can also use the following shortcode to display their credit balance on any page in your site.


This could be in the header or sidebar so they always have a visual reminder of their available credits.

You can quickly view all user’s credits balances from the default WordPress users list. To view members with the most credit simply click on the column header and it will reorder the users.

To update each user’s credit balance you simply edit their profile and look for the entry box titled Fast Credit. 

From here you can enter a new value or change the existing one. The new credit amount will be immediately available and will be displayed to the customer on the front end of your WordPress site. 

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Display and Edit Credit Balances

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