Instant Credit Store Purchases

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With Fast WooCredit Pro you can let your customers bypass the WooCommerce checkout and instantly redeem their credits with immediate access to any landing page you choose.

You can set this up in 3 easy steps.

Step 1

Choose a product type and set the ‘normal’ price. In this example we will stick with a simple product. Set a price your customers would pay if there wasn’t a credit value.

Step 2

Check the Credit Purchase option.

Step 3

Select ‘Instant Credit Purchase’.

You will notice some extra optional values. 

Credit Confirm URL – this is where the customer will be taken to immediately after they hit the button.

Credit Button Text – here you can customise the CTA text on the ‘Use Credit’ button. 

Remove Add To Cart – if this is checked the ‘Add To Cart’ button will be hidden and the only way for your customer to get access to the product is hit the ‘Use Credit’ button.

Once you have set up the changed settings to your needs you can hit save.

Your product is now ready to use for instant credit purchase.

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Instant Credit Store Purchases

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