FastCredit Pro Version 2.0 is LIVE

We’re currently rolling out the version 2.0 update to exisitng users of the plugin. The new version includes:

Revamped interface – find out more in the Quick Start tutorial

New Tutorial Library

We’ve updated a new tutorial library with over 25 detailed step by step tutorials and videos (with more being added). We’ve archived the older tutorials here if you still need to reference them.

Improvements and Updates

Alongside the interface overhaul we’ve made various Improvements to the button logic and a number of small fixes and updates.

PLUS Updates to the handling of expiring credits

NEW: Credit Coupons

We’ve also added a powerful NEW feature: Credit Coupons

NEW: GoogleApp Script

We’ve also created a GoogleApp Script for bulk update and management of user credits using the plugin API. If you are thinking of creating an app to integrate with the store credit system, then you can use this app script as great starting point for understanding how the integration may work.

Existing customers will be receiving an email with upgrade instructions.

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