FastCredit Pro V2.0 Coming Soon – NEW Features PLUS Affiliate Program

We are excited to announce the coming launch of FastCredit Pro version 2.0. This is a complete overhaul of our popular WooCommerce credit system plugin. The new version includes an entirely redesigned interface to make the settings easier to find, a free version is going to be available on, a new licensing system PLUS an affiliate program.

New Interface

Version 2.0 features a completely revamped interface with all settings conveniently located in one place. We’ve consolidated settings that were previously spread across multiple locations into tidy tabs within the plugin. This makes critical options much easier to locate. The improved interface allows you to set up and manage your credit store faster.

Free Version on

For the first time, we are releasing a free version of FastCredit Pro on The free version contains the core credit payment gateway functionality but with limitations on some advanced features. This allows new users to test drive the plugin at no cost before deciding if they want to upgrade to the Pro version to unlock additional capabilities.

We’re hoping the free version strikes a balance between providing a functional plugin while still encouraging upgrades. The aim is to retain enough features to be useful for basic needs without giving away all advanced functionality available in the Pro version.

Let us know if you have suggestions on what features to include or restrict in the free version as we try to find the right balance. Your feedback is appreciated.

New Features

Version 2.0 will include at least one or two new features beyond just the interface changes. Let us know if you have any feature requests as we want this release to provide added value, especially for existing customers.

New Licensing System

We are transitioning FastCredit Pro to a new licensing system that should provide a smoother experience. You will need to install the new version 2.0 plugin and activate a new license key, which is an easy copy and paste operation. The new system will enable more reliable updates going forward.

Affiliate Program

We are now introducing an affiliate program for FastCredit Pro using the Freemius platform. Affiliates can earn a generous 30% commission for every sale, with opportunities to increase rates based on volume and performance.

If you are interested in promoting FastCredit Pro and earning commissions, sign up on our affiliate page. We also welcome feedback on our affiliate program as we aim to make it rewarding for our partners.

Feedback and Testimonials

We highly appreciate your feedback on how FastCredit Pro has helped your business. Testimonials from real users provide social proof and build trust for new customers. Please consider sharing a testimonial that we can display on our site or plugin page.

Call For Case Studies

We are also seeking customers interested in developing case studies explaining how they use FastCredit Pro. It’s fascinating to see the diverse ways the plugin is applied, from selling vinyl records to business trainings to harp lessons and even translation services. Contact us if you would like to share your unique use case.

Thank you for using FastCredit Pro! We look forward to your continued feedback as we aim to improve the plugin and help more businesses succeed with credit-based commerce models. Please let us know if you have any other questions about the new version.

2 thoughts on “FastCredit Pro V2.0 Coming Soon – NEW Features PLUS Affiliate Program”

    1. Hi Ben, we’re going to release it very shortly. Just checking over a few final things and adding a couple of new features and creating a few new tutorials. I reckon within the next week we can start making it available.

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