FastCredit Pro Quick Start Tutorial

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Welcome to the FastCredit Pro Quick Start Tutorial. This guide aims to provide you with a step-by-step walkthrough on how to configure the FastCredit Pro or FastCredit plugin for WordPress. If you’re eager to streamline the setup of the WooCommerce credit system on your website, this tutorial will help you set it up swiftly. We will cover a variety of topics including disabling guest checkout, enabling the payment gateway, and setting up your credit-based products.

Part 1: Configuring Basic Settings

Before you dive into specific features, you need to adjust a couple of settings to ensure a smooth run.


  1. Navigate to the Welcome Tab: Here you will find the quick start checklist.
  2. Disable Guest Checkout: Open the settings for this feature and make sure the guest checkout option is disabled.
  3. Enable Account Creation During Checkout: This will ensure your customers have an account where their credits will be stored.
  4. Save Changes: Always save any adjustments you’ve made.

Part 2: Setting Up the Payment Gateway

This section helps you set up the primary method through which users can transact on your site.


  1. Go to Quick Start Checklist: This will guide you through the necessary settings.
  2. Enable the Payment Gateway: Click on the respective setting to enable Fast Credit Payment Gateway.
  3. Save Changes: As before, remember to save your changes.

Part 3: Fine-Tuning Credit Settings

Now let’s get into more granular settings that dictate how the credit system functions.


  1. Navigate to Settings Tab: Here you will find options for your credit system.
  2. Label Your Credits: You can choose what you would like to call the credits in your store.
  3. New User Credits: Decide if you want to give new users any initial credits.
  4. Credit Top-Up Destination: This will depend on the products you create for purchasing credits.
  5. Save Changes: Don’t forget this essential step.

Part 4: Creating Credit Products

The credit system needs a product to function. Let’s create one using WooCommerce.


  1. Add a New Product: Navigate to WooCommerce Products and add a new one.
  2. Name the Product: Call it something like “Buy Credit”.
  3. Set Price and Credits: For example, you could set the price to $100 for 100 credits.
  4. Publish the Product: Make it live on your store.

Part 5: Using Credits to Purchase Products

Here, you’ll learn how to set up another product that can be purchased using the credits.


  1. Add a New WooCommerce Product: This will be the item customers can purchase using credits.
  2. Set Up Pricing: Remember to set a nominal price and a credit value.
  3. Publish the Product: Make this available in your shop for customers to use their credits on.

Part 6: Test Your Products

Finally it’s time to your products and make the the credits are both applied to the user account and then deducted for the credit purchase products.

  1. Purchase the ‘Buy Credit’ Product: Add the ‘Buy Credit’ product to your cart. Once in your cart you can make a test purchase
  2. Verify Credits Are Added: After purchasing the product make sure the credits have been applied to your account
  3. Purchase the ‘Credits Purchase’ Product: Add a ‘Credit Purchase’ product to your cart and use the credits to checkout
  4. Verify Credits Order Is Processed: After spending the credits you will see the credit balance reduced and the order details will show the credit amount spent.


Congratulations, you’ve successfully set up the Fast Credit Pro Plugin on your WordPress site. You can now explore additional settings like dual pricing, tax reporting, and integrations to better cater to your specific needs. Check out other tutorials for more in-depth understanding of each feature.

If you have any questions or need further clarification, feel free to reach out to us. We’re here to assist you in optimizing your credit system for your online store.

Happy selling, and if you found this tutorial useful, don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more tutorials along with WordPress tips and tricks!

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