Awarding New Users Free Credits

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In this tutorial we discuss how to manage new user credits using the FastCredit Pro plugin for WordPress. Using free Credits or tokens can serve as a a powerful marketing method for getting new customers into your WooCommerce store, allowing users to purchase items, unlock features, or access premium content. This tutorial will walk you through how to automate the process of awarding free credits to new users who register on your site. Let’s break it down into stages.

Part 1: Configuring Default Credit Value for New Users

The FastCredit Pro plugin comes with a setting that enables you to specify a default credit value for new users. Any user who registers on your WordPress site will automatically receive this amount in their account.


  1. Navigate to the FastCredit Pro settings dashboard in your WordPress admin area.
  2. Look for the field that shows the value of ‘New User Credits.’ The default is typically set to zero.
  3. Update the value to any number you desire. For example, if you want to award 10 credits to new users, enter ’10’ in the field.
  4. Click ‘Save Changes.’

Part 2: Adding Users Manually

Now that you have configured the default credit value, let’s see how this works when you add a new user manually to your WordPress website.


  1. Go to the ‘Users’ section in your WordPress admin dashboard.
  2. Click on ‘Add New User.’
  3. Fill in the necessary details like username, email, etc., and assign the role of ‘Subscriber’ or any other as needed.
  4. Click ‘Add New User.’

Upon successful addition, you will notice that the user is now awarded the default credit value you previously set.

Part 3: Automating Credits through Third-Party Registrations

FastCredit Pro is compatible with other systems, including WooCommerce. If you have registrations open through WooCommerce’s ‘My Account’ page or a membership plugin, the credit mechanism works seamlessly there as well.


  1. Navigate to WooCommerce settings and go to ‘Accounts & Privacy.’
  2. Locate the setting that says ‘Allow customers to create an account’ and enable it.
  3. Save changes and refresh your WooCommerce ‘My Account’ page.
  4. Register a new account through this page.

The new user will automatically receive the credits as configured in the FastCredit Pro settings, regardless of the registration method used.


And there you have it! You’ve just learned how to automatically allocate credits to new users on your WordPress site using the FastCredit Pro plugin. This automation saves you time and adds an element of gamification that can enhance user engagement.

Need More Help?

If you have any more questions or need further assistance, feel free to contact us. We’re here to help you make the most out of FastCredit Pro!

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Awarding New Users Free Credits

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