Infinite User Credits

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In this tutorial we explore a hidden feature which helps to provide users with infinite credits. The tutorial explains the process of activating this feature.

Part 1: Understanding the user credit balance feature

This part explains the user credit balance feature in FastCredit Pro. This feature allows you to update the number of credits a user has on your site. You can dictate the number of credits allocated to individual users, and track these credits as needed.


  1. Log into your WordPress website and navigate to the user page.
  2. Choose a user to edit by clicking on their name or edit option.
  3. Scroll down to the section labeled “User credit amount”. You will notice that the current credit balance of the user is displayed.

Part 2: Setting Infinite Credits

This part explains how to give a user infinite credits using FastCredit Pro. This feature can be especially useful during testing or when you want to give certain users unrestricted access.


  1. In the “User credit amount” section, replace the current credit amount with “-1”.
  2. Click “Update” to save the changes. Now, when you check the user’s credit balance, it should be displayed as an infinity sign (∞). This indicates that the user now has unlimited credits. You can repeat this process for any user you want to have infinite credits.

Part 3: Accounting for Deductions

This section highlights a potential issue to be aware of when using FastCredit Pro. If you’re deducting credits from users and you accidentally enter ‘-1’, this will result in the user inadvertently gaining infinite credits.


  1. Be cautious and double-check the amounts entered when making deductions.
  2. Remember to reverse any unintended infinite credit allocations by entering the correct credit amount.


The FastCredit Pro plugin provides a comprehensive way to create a complete WooCommerce credit system and manage user credits on your WordPress site. Do not hesitate to ask questions or provide feedback to help us improve.

In case you need further assistance, feel free to contact our support team. We look forward to helping make your experience with FastCredit Pro as seamless as possible.

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Infinite User Credits

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