Instant Credit Purchases

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In this tutorial we will look at how to use the Instant Credit Purchase feature of the FastCredit Pro plugin. Learn how to seamlessly integrate credit-based purchases, allowing users to bypass the traditional checkout flow and instantly redeem credits for products or downloads. This tutorial makes managing the instant credit purchase process a breeze.

Part 1: Setting Up the Instant Credit Purchase Option

In this part, we’ll go over how to enable the Instant Credit Purchase option for a product on your website. This feature allows users to use their stored credits for immediate purchase, bypassing the traditional cart and checkout processes.


  1. Navigate to Product Settings: Go to the product you wish to set up and find its settings page.
  2. Locate the Instant Credit Purchase Option: Scroll down until you find an option labeled ‘Instant Credit Purchase’.
  3. Enable the Option: Toggle the ‘Instant Credit Purchase’ checkbox to enable it.

Part 2: Customizing the Confirmation URL and Button Text

In this segment, we’ll focus on how to set a custom Confirmation URL and customize the text on the button that allows users to make an instant credit purchase.


  1. Find Credit Confirmation URL Setting: Just below the ‘Instant Credit Purchase’ checkbox, you’ll see an option to input a ‘Credit Confirmation URL’.
  2. Input URL: Enter the URL where you want to direct your customers after they make a credit purchase.
  3. Set Button Text: You’ll see another text box for customizing the button text. This could be anything like “Use Credits” or “Redeem Now”.

Part 3: Opting to Remove ‘Add to Cart’

Here, we’ll explore how to make a product an ‘Instant Credit Purchase only’ product, meaning users can only use their credits to purchase it.


  1. Find ‘Remove Add to Cart’ Option: Locate the checkbox that reads ‘Remove Add to Cart’.
  2. Enable the Option: Toggle the checkbox to enable it.

Part 4: Verifying Your Settings

It’s time to ensure that all your settings are working as expected. You’ll learn how to verify whether the ‘Use Credits’ button functions correctly and directs to the right URL.


  1. Go to Product Page: Navigate to the product page on your website.
  2. Test ‘Use Credits’ Button: Click on the ‘Use Credits’ button to confirm that it directs to the correct URL and deducts the appropriate number of credits.


Congratulations, you’ve successfully set up the Instant Credit Purchase feature using the FastCredit Pro plugin! By now, you should be able to enable this feature for any product, customize the button text and URL, and even remove the ‘Add to Cart’ option to make it a pure credit redemption product.

If you have further questions or run into any issues, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help you make the most out of FastCredit Pro.

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Instant Credit Purchases

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