Product Category Error Message

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In this tutorial we explore how to manage the Product Category Error Message within the FastCredit Pro plugin payment gateway. This message is an important part of your customers user experience, especially when your cart has both credit-based and currency-based products.

Part 1: Understanding Product Category Error Messages

In this section, we will explore what Product Category Error Messages are, when they appear, and why they are crucial for managing your payment gateway.


  1. Identify When The Error Message Appears: The product category error message appears on the cart when you try to mix credit-based and currency-based products.
  2. Review the Cart: Visit your cart to review the products you have added. If you have a mix of credit-based and currency-based products, the error message will show up.
  3. Understand the Implication: The error message indicates that you can’t proceed with a mixed cart, ensuring that you check out with either credit-based or currency-based products, but not both.

Part 2: Customizing the Error Message

In this section, we will show you how to customize the product category error message to suit your website’s style and tone.


  1. Navigate to the Payment Gateway Settings: Access the settings where the default error messages are displayed.
  2. Locate the Product Category Error Message: Find the particular error message you want to modify.
  3. Edit the Message: Customize the default error message to better align with your brand voice or to provide additional information to your customers.

Part 3: Strategies for Managing Cart Items

In some cases, you may want to allow your customers to save their carts, especially when they need to top up their credits. We’ll introduce a recommended plugin to help with this.


  1. Consider Cart Saving Plugin: To manage scenarios where customers may need to purchase additional credits, consider installing a cart-saving plugin. This will allow customers to save their current cart while they top up their credits.
  2. Review Cart: Once the cart is saved, the customer can easily return to it after making additional purchases.
  3. Additional Solutions: We’re actively exploring other ways to allow the mix of credit and currency-based products in the cart. For now, we recommend using a cart-saving plugin as a workaround.


We hope this tutorial has provided you with a clearer understanding of how to manage Product Category Error Messages in FastCredit Pro. As we continue to refine the plugin, we’re always on the lookout for ways to improve your experience.

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Product Category Error Message

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